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CSN Dundas Valley Collision, Place for Car Paint and Cosmetic Fixes

Your vehicle’s paint gives it a unique look while offering ultimate protection. CSN Dundas Valley Collision Centre provides high-quality vehicle paint services to Hamilton, Dundas, and the surrounding areas. We use revolutionary waterborne paint technology to create a seamless colour match for all makes and models of vehicles. Car materials weaken over time if they are not properly protected. A well-sealed coat of paint will help keep your car’s body strong and provide a sleek, glossy look. Our experienced team understands the essential need for a superior coat of paint. We offer free estimates on all our auto repair services to ensure you get the paint you love.

Man with protective clothes and mask painting car using spray compressor

Benefits of Waterborne Paint Technology?

An environmentally friendly waterborne coating is a treatment that utilizes water as a solvent to disperse the resin that is used to make your paint or coating. The most significant benefits of waterborne paint technology include:

  • You get a glossy finish without additional coatings thanks to the natural high-gloss effects of waterborne paints.
  • Waterborne paints contain fewer toxins than solvent-based paints that harm the environment.
  • You have a safer workspace due to the less flammable waterborne coatings.
  • You’ll get bright, fresh colour production with waterborne paint.
  • Waterborne paints protect your vehicle from corrosion and are highly abrasion resistant.

To ensure quality and consistency, we only use OEM-approved Waterborne paints.

front facing view of CSN Collision Centre Dundas Valley Collision's Blowtherm spray paint booth

Blowtherm Spray Booth

Blowtherm is known around the world’s manufacturers to be among the top spray booth companies for their technologically advanced spray booth systems, utilizing the latest technologies for efficiency, productivity, and waterborne curing. Our Blowtherm Spray Booth offers advanced technology, energy efficiency, and proven performance that will ensure your new vehicle paint job lasts for decades.

Paint Services With a Lifetime Guarantee

CSN Dundas Valley Collision Centre repairs more than 200,000 vehicles annually and delivers a customer satisfaction rating of 98%. Our auto repair services are backed with a National Lifetime Warranty. We keep your paint services and all auto repair services as simple as possible, ensuring your vehicle leaves as good as new. We always prep the surface of your vehicle and seal it properly before returning it to you. Our skilled technicians stand by our lifetime guarantee of offering the best auto repair services in Canada.

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