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Take the Stress Out of the Collision Repair Process, Trust Our Experts

If you are involved in a collision you want the comfort and certainty that your vehicle is in good hands. You can trust CSN Collision Centres to provide you with the transparency and care that you deserve to limit your stress during the collision repair process.

Mid adult woman smiles when she is given the keys to a rental car

Choosing a Collision Centre:

  • Safe, High-Quality Repairs
  • National Lifetime Warranty
  • Insurance Claims Support
  • Rental Care Agencies On-Site
  • Friendly, Trustworthy Staff
  • 24-Hour Towing
  • Book Appointment
  • Free Estimate
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Scratch and Dent Repair
Dundas Valley Reception area

CSN Is Your Trusted Advisor

We can help you navigate the entire repair process. CSN Collision Centres partner with many of the top insurance companies across the country. With our expert staff and industry-leading customer service, we will guarantee that you get the help you need. We offer insurance claims advice to thousands of Canadians and many of our collision centres have representatives from the country’s top insurance companies on-site to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about your coverage.

We Have Rental Car Agencies On-Site

CSN Collision Centres work with the top insurance companies in the country and we can provide you with the advice you need to ensure that your collision repair experience is quick and hassle-free. If you require a rental, we can help get you behind the wheel of a rental car quickly as our Collision Centres work closely with all the rental car companies across Canada.

Trust the Experts at CSN Collision Centres to Take Care of All Your Collision Repair Needs Hassle Free

CSN Collision Centres provide expert-level services no matter how major or minor the vehicle damage. From collision repair and glass replacement to scratches, dents, and scrapes, or high-end paint services we have the technology and the training to get your vehicle back to like-new condition quickly and safely.

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